Des Moines Like Freshly Mown Grass

Like Freshly Mown Grass” by Italian singer-songwriter Simone Romei aka Des Moines is one of my favorite records in 2018. A wonderful album, filled with the most beautiful and saddest folk songs and superb solo acoustic guitar instrumentals.

Devin Frank Evening’s Fantasia

Devin Frank hails from the Midwestern United States, Champaign-Urbana, IL, a town known for its University where the Netscape browser was developed and sound-artist Maryanne Amacher did graduate work in acoustics and computer science. That’s all I know. And for some reason I visited this town a few times briefly.

Lorna Rowe Who Tells the Runner

Fantastic solo guitar/american primitive mini album by Lorna Rowe from Canada, that flew a bit under the radar. Alex Archibald introduced her music indirectly to me, via a facebook post. I’m really thankful for that.

Scott Wainwright Talking Backwoods

First I came across Scott Wainwright’s album “Sentimental Debris” which is a pretty nice and pleasing mix of slide guitar, pre war blues and american primitivism. But then I checked out his 2018 album “Talking Backwoods” and the references to Aphex Twin and Brian Eno and John Fahey in the liner notes were much more […]

Mixtape dfbm #103 – Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. 11

Two hours of psych folk, americana, post-punk, private press oddities, exotic and esoterica, krautrock, drone and everything in between. Some brand new stuff and ancient, moldy crap from the bottom of my hard drive.

H Moore Woods to Coast E.P.

UK based banjo player H Moore released a bunch of very cool banjo centered eps over the last years. He mainly plays his own material but also recorded some known tunes like Fred Cockerham’s “Little Satchel” or “Wabash Blues” on the Sarpa E.P..

Joseph Allred Nightsongs

The Garden Portal label out of Georgia just released two cassettes by Boston based guitarist Joseph Allred.

Mouss Les Adieux

Moss is a guitar player from the Western part of France and his album “Les Adieux” can easily be filed under American primitive solo guitar, but with a closer listen it’s much more influenced by classical European music, than the blues.

Šimanský Niesner Tance neznámé

American primitivism in Eastern Europe? One of the earliest connection might be the Dobro guitar, known a brand that built acoustic guitars with a metal resonator to amplify the sounds.

Louis Alberry s/t

A fine solo acoustic guitar album from the British Isles by Louis Alberry. I always love it when musicians use field recordings to reference a place they try to describe with their music. Enjoy some guitar instrumentals introduced by the sound of water, footsteps or birds.