Features of IT outsourcing

If you are interested in it outsourcing, then first you should study the main features of these services. The main features of it outsourcing:

  • high quality services provided by a specialized IT company;
  • low cost, because the customer pays only for the necessary services, and is exempt from the production costs;
  • no overhead costs for employees (vacation, sick leave, insurance, workplace);
  • high speed of decision making by the staff of the IT contractor company.

IT outsourcing allows the customer to receive high quality services in the field of informatization, reducing its administrative costs. Ensuring sustained operation of the IT system, its scaling, protection from failure and solving of force majeure tasks fall on the shoulders of the contractor, releasing the customer from the need to maintain its own IT department.

At the same time, all services of the contractor, the conditions and terms of their provision, scope of work, etc. are clearly agreed upon and further regulated by a subscriber service agreement between the parties.

Principle of providing IT outsourcing services 

The first stage of rendering the IT infrastructure services by the engineers is an audit. Check of serviceability, stability and safety of all the software and hardware complexes of the customer, as well as the construction of the network scheme as a whole is performed. Based on this audit for each customer a separate scheme of cooperation is developed, taking into account the company’s scope of activities, staffing, office hours, the level of hardware and software.

At the second stage, hardware and software systems are configured according to security requirements, fault tolerance and the customer’s wishes. Software updates, replacement or upgrade of hardware systems (computers, servers, network equipment), meet the wishes of the company’s employees to optimize their workflow. Additionally the analysis and optimization of information security systems and implementation of interactive remote assistance systems are performed.

As a result, the customer receives a debugged, optimized IT infrastructure, ready to operate with one hundred percent efficiency. As well as the constant support of the staff of engineers of a specialized company, ready to solve any problem within this system in the shortest possible time. So the service can be extremely useful for various companies.