Stained glass decor

Unusual statuettes made of glass often become the compositional center of the location, symbolizing the purpose of the room, hall or values cultivated by the inhabitants or guests of the location. For example, the most stylish beauty salons decorate the customer service area with artistic glass in the form of lipsticks, faces with perfect proportions or create a sense of harmony with musical instruments-figures made of colored glass. Glass flowers, amulets, animal figurines made of glass are collectors’ items.

How is glass decoration created?

Decorativeness of figures made of glass is achieved thanks to the plasticity of forms and games of color. To achieve the necessary shades, oxides of various metals are added to the glass mass. These inclusions change the structure of the mass, “programming” it to select the desired parts of the spectrum during the passage of light rays. For example, properly chosen iron oxides can give a glass figure a blue, yellow or even red hue. Colloidal silver gives the most aesthetic yellow to the piece. Copper is responsible for the ruby tones.

Art glass is sometimes compared to the gems. The most skillful pieces of art glass sometimes surpass natural gems in both beauty and even price. The creation of glass figures by real glassblowers is akin to spiritualizing an inanimate object. It is a fascinating act of creation. After all, the molten glass is essentially breathing in the soul of the creator. Glass figurines are also valued for the complexity and thoroughness of the work, subtleties which the glassblower comprehends all his life.

The work of the glassblower – an artist who works with molten glass, has a rich history: just learning to make glass, people adapted to blow it into volume dishes, while trying to decorate it if possible. The beginning of this unique craft refers to the 12-13th century.

And now first the glass mass is prepared, it is boiled, and then the product itself is shaped out of it. This process is automated: simple shapes are mechanically blown out, but all the same they are amazingly beautiful and attractive, especially since glass can easily be painted in different colors while the molten glass is still being boiled. You can find the best glass products at

Even though these glass figures do not have any functional load, but their amazing beauty attracts and fascinates.