Treatment methods for erectile dysfunction

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is a condition of male sexual impotence and inability to keep the penis erect during intercourse. This disease has no age limits, it may appear in the strong half of mankind from the age of 18 years. Impotence occurs more often in older patients. However, according to statistics and studies to date, the number of young guys between the ages of 25 and 30 suffering from this problem has increased. If you want to buy specialized medicines, visit the website

Causes of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by a large number of different causes and factors. Experts reduce all its manifestations to several categories:

  • An imbalance in the blood supply to the penis. Usually means the presence of problems with the vascular system of the penis.
  • Hormonal failure. Excessive prolactin in the male body or reduced testosterone levels. This can be caused by a tumor, head trauma, taking drugs, excessive smoking or liver disorders;
  • Urological diseases. This may be inflammation of the genitourinary system – prostatitis and urethritis, as well as sexually transmitted infections;
  • Neurological causes. They can be caused by spinal cord injuries, pain of different origin;
  • Psychogenic problems. May be caused by overwork, stress, chronic fatigue, as well as feelings of fear;
  • Bad habits: self-medication, wearing synthetic and too tight underwear, improper sleep patterns and ignoring the first symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Early symptoms

Prevent fatal consequences can prevent preventive visits to the office of an andrologist, as well as timely treatment of potency. Therefore, if the following symptoms appear, it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor:

  • Weak, sluggish erection;
  • Weakening of sexual desire;
  • Decreased sensitivity and lack of “brightness” during intercourse;
  • Decreased number of sexual acts.

Only early treatment to a specialist is able to stop the disease in time and completely cure it at the very beginning of its development.

Methods to enhance potency

As in any other medical field, you should choose a method of potency treatment on the basis of the causes. Here are some methods that will help you regain your manhood and enjoy your sex life:

  • In most cases it is possible to restore an erection with the help of medication, without surgical and surgical interventions;
  • Treatment of vascular disorders involves taking medications that improve blood flow to the penis;
  • When treating hormonal disorders, hormone replacement therapy is used, which helps normalize the amount of testosterone in the body;
  • Treatment of prostatitis, urethritis and other urological diseases;
  • In the most complicated forms, surgical intervention (prosthetics of the penis) is used.

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